The 4 best LSAT prep books to help you ace the big exam

These prep books are the first step to passing your exam and getting into the law school of your dreams.

The 4 best LSAT prep books to help you ace the big exam
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The LSAT is a monster — or so we’ve been told. The law school admissions test determines if you have the skills and knowledge needed for success in your first year of law school.

It consists of 35 multiple choice questions covering several categories, such as reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning. Plus, you get the pleasure of submitting a written sample that won’t be scored.

Studying for your law school admittance test is non-negotiable if you want to become a law student.

You can find a wealth of resources online to help you pass the test, either guided or via self-study. However, a well-written LSAT prep book will give you ALL of the information you need to prepare for the exam.

Before we dive into our top four list of LSAT prep books, make sure you’re practicing these study habits.

LSAT Study Tips

First things first: register for the LSAT with the LSAC. You can pick your preferred test date and lock in for that time and day. Picking your date in advance will motivate you to study hard. But give yourself adequate time to prepare before your exam day, which brings us to the first tip.

Start early

The general consensus is that two months of studying is the bare minimum if you want a chance at passing. Ideally, you should block off three months or more if you can. During those months, dedicate a few hours to studying, spreading those hours across (at least) four days per week. Block off this time in a planner, scheduling it into your daily routine.

Take practice tests

One of the most helpful study tips for taking the LSAT is utilizing practice tests. You may even get lucky and recognize a familiar practice question when you go to take the real thing. As you analyze and break down practice tests, look for patterns. And don’t be surprised if the first practice round takes several hours to finish. You’ll thank yourself later for putting in the effort.

Practice again and again

Speaking of taking practice tests, go practice some more! To truly improve your scores, you’ll need to practice for hours, completing LSAT sample questions and putting your skills to the test. The more you practice, the more familiar you will get with the LSAT structure and how creators write the questions.

4 Best LSAT Prep Books

Take a peek at our listing of the top LSAT prep books you should have in your library. Who knows? Maybe one of these workbooks will turn you into the next Elle Woods!

The LSAT Trainer

“On each exam, you will encounter several questions that test you on a specific part of the argument-evaluation process; your ability to recognize the structure of the argument correctly.” – Mike Kim

The LSAT Trainer

A remarkable self-study guide for the self-driven student.

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The LSAT Trainer includes:

  • Over 200 official LSAT questions
  • Simple and battle-tested strategies for the exam
  • Over 30 original and unique drills designed to help develop LSAT-specific skills and habits
  • Access to a variety of free study schedules and notebook organizers

Those studying for the LSAT with this book noted an increase in their test score. Someone saw a jump from 140 to 165, and another reader mentioned a leap from 153 to 168.

The PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy

“Once your reading time per passage exceeds the three and a half minute mark, the likelihood of being able to complete all of the questions drops considerably.” – David M. Killoran

PowerScore LSAT Trilogy

The most comprehensive books available for learning how to approach each section of the LSAT.

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This LSAT prep trilogy is the complete package. Each of the three books breaks down a specific theme and section of the LSAT:

The PowerScore Logic Games Bible

  • Recognize game types and properly represent rules
  • Learn techniques for solving each question type
  • Review detailed explanations for 28 official LSAT Logic Games
  • Make inferences efficiently and accurately
  • Time management guidance

The PowerScore Logical Reasoning Bible

  • Solve every type of logical reasoning question
  • Review illustrations for over 100 official LSAT LR questions
  • Recognize question types
  • Identify common reasoning elements and determine their validity

The PowerScore Reading Comprehension Bible

  • Read substantial discussions about how to deconstruct the passages
  • Review examples for 12 official LSAT Reading Comprehension Passages
  • Successfully avoid traps set by the test makers
  • Work through a variety of drills and exercises
  • Strengthen specific skills that are critical for LSAT excellence

Readers saw an increase in their law school admittance test scores after diving into this trilogy. They also loved the depth of information in each book and noted that these are ideal if you want to learn the format of each LSAT section.

The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning

“They purposefully hide their points in difficult language. In doing so, they create monsters called cluster sentences.” – Ellen Cassidy

The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning

The single most effective logical reasoning book on the market.

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This read will help you get logical reasoning questions right by preparing you to:

  • Read, remember, and critique the stimulus independently
  • Recognize the only two qualities that ever make an answer correct
  • Exert control over the test instead of letting it run all over you

Readers found this prep book extremely helpful, as it showed them what to look for in LR questions and how to break down difficult concepts.

LSAT Prep Flashcards

“Prep for the LSAT on the go with Kaplan’s LSAT Flashcards, 400 cards to help you master the material.” - Kaplan

LSAT Prep Flashcards

400 cards to help you master the material.

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These prep flashcards by Kaplan cover:

  • LSAT formal logic patterns
  • Logic game rule translation
  • Logical reasoning argument analysis
  • The most common questions and game type on the test

Kaplan Test Prep is one of the oldest and most well-known in the industry. Their guides are built for students, and they say these flashcards are great as a supplemental study tool.

Start your prep now

While studying for the law school admittance test isn’t the most exciting way to spend your time, it’s necessary. Ask anyone who has been through the process before, and they’ll proclaim their faith in prep books, workbooks, and the like.

So, which LSAT book will you be reading in preparation for the big day? We’re cheering for you!