I bought $1 worth of every crypto on Coinbase

Can micro-investments yield big paydays?

I bought $1 worth of every crypto on Coinbase

The world of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFTs can be intimidating.

The core ideas are fascinating — a decentralized money system that enables anyone, anywhere more control over their personal finances. Much like the internet in its early days, the promises are revolutionary.

But in practice, much of the upside resides with those who have enough money to play the game (e.g., spend hundreds on resources that can then be flipped for thousands, afford the "lost" gas fees, possess discretionary income at all).

The conversation needs to change if this space has any chance of holding true to its ideals. That's also why I'm so bullish on the coins that are prioritizing mass adoption over technological superiority, like Solana and Pi.

This small experiment is meant to accomplish a few things:

  • Show the uninitiated that you can still benefit by investing small sums of money.
  • Highlight the extreme volatility of the marketplace.
  • Prove that the same principles that work in the stock market, like holding index fund-like bundles for long periods, will create a more sustainable and profitable path than day trading for the average investor.

Below is my starting bundle.

  • For any coin worth <$1, I purchased $1 worth (minus any Coinbase fee).
  • For any coin near the $1 value (± 50 cents), I purchased 1 full coin.
  • Coinbase offers a learn to earn promotion which grants participants a few dollars for interacting with their materials. Because these coins were free, I included them in this chart.
  • Not shown are any holdings purchased before starting this experiment (namely BTC, ETH, SOL, and BAT).

My plan is to update this chart the first week of every month to show any profits and losses and explain any lessons learned along the way. Make sure to subscribe if you'd like to follow along.

If you'd like to participate in this experiment, you can use this link to get $10 in Bitcoin from Coinbase.

Complete list of crypto investments

Coin Starting Value
ACH $1.11
ADA $2.46
AMP $1.69
ANKR $0.95
BOND $2.70
CHZ $0.95
CLV $3.37
COMP $3.65
COTI $0.97
CTSI $0.98
CVC $0.91
DOGE $0.96
DNT $1.01
DOT $1.02
FET $4.84
GRT $2.72
IOTX $0.98
JASMY $0.87
KEEP $0.96
LRC $0.97
MANA $0.96
MATIC $2.45
NKN $0.98
NU $0.94
OGN $0.97
OXT $1.02
PLA $0.91
POLY $0.95
REQ $0.95
RLY $0.99
SHIB $1.07
SKL $1.76
TRIBE $1.02
TRU $0.95
UNI $0.97
XLM $5.41
XYO $1.35
Total Value $57.72

👋 See you next month!