The 5 best meditation books to calm your mind

Mental peace may just be a few pages away.

The 5 best meditation books to calm your mind
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Meditation has become a buzzword in recent years. It seems like we (society) are slowly pushing toward living a healthier, more self-aware lifestyle. Aside from downing green smoothies and sweating it out at a spin class, mindfulness is one self-care practice everyone can (and probably should) partake in.

If you are just beginning your meditation or mindfulness journey, we recommend reading words of advice from those who have experience under their belt. But first, what exactly is meditation?

What is meditation?

Everyone has their own idea of what meditation means. Many people picture it as sitting in the lotus position on the floor, fingers touching and eyes closed. But there are so many different forms that it rarely looks like that for most people.

Ultimately, meditation is about training your sense of self-awareness. It’s not about stifling your thoughts. Instead, it’s about observing what passes through your mind without a judgmental eye and letting it float by. You’re learning to observe, quiet your inner voice, and raise your consciousness.

All beginners need a teacher or an information source to help advance their practice and the written word is one of the best teachers. So grab a cup of tea and see our picks of the best meditation books to add to your reading list.

How to Meditate

“The human experience is full of unpredictability and paradox, joys and sorrows, successes and failures. We can’t escape any of these experiences in the vast terrain of our existence.” – Pema Chodron

How To Meditate

A practical guide to making friends with your mind.

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Library Journal named this title one of the Best Books of 2013 and it remains popular a decade later. The author transmits her teachings into a comprehensive guide that shows you how to become one with the mind and embrace fullness. In this book, you will find:

  • The basics of meditation including the 6 points of posture, breathwork, and unconditional friendliness
  • The Seven Delights and how to turn difficulties into doorways
  • Shamatha (calm abiding) or the art of remaining present

Readers love this meditation book because it gives reasonable, practical advice, tells how to develop a personal meditation practice, and is refreshingly well-written.

Practical Meditation for Beginners

“Unlike many other traditions, in Zen, emphasis is placed on the direct experience of enlightenment - experiencing insight through meditation- rather than on the study of the sacred texts.” – Benjamin Decker

Practical Meditation for Beginners

Ten days to a happier, calmer you. 

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Many people don’t realize the key to building a meditation practice is focusing on the practice itself. Decker highlights this beautifully. In the pages of his resource, you will discover:

  • A clear daily structure to follow
  • 10 techniques with step-by-step instructions
  • Writing prompts for easy direction

Per reader feedback, this handbook will get you meditating in a meaningful and productive manner. It is a how-to guide that will provide actionable steps to start your meditation journey right away.

10% Happier

“If I broke down every time I saw something disturbing, how could I function?” – Dan Harris

10% Happier

How I tamed the voice in my head, reduced stress without losing my edge, and found self-help that actually works. 

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If an autobiography is more your style, then you’ll love learning the secrets of meditation from Dan Harris’s story. He recounts his personal journey and shares pieces of advice that helped him regain control of his life. Read 10% Happier to learn:

  • Found relief even in extremely stressful environments
  • A personal, non-hyped up account of how meditation really works
  • Self-help that makes sense for regular people

Fans of Dan Harris enjoyed this read, especially the personal touches that helped them apply his experiences to their own lives.

A Million Thoughts

“For behind every feeling and experience, there is the thought. Absence of thoughts, however, does not lead to absence of feelings.” – Om Swami

A Million Thoughts

Learn all about meditation from the Himalayan mystic.

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Learn the art of meditation straight from the mind of a monk. Swami’s meditation book gives us an inside look at what the result of thousands of hours of meditation looks like. In it you'll discover:

  • A guide to channeling futile thoughts into productive energy
  • How to practice different meditation styles properly and why each matter
  • The steps required to become proficient (and even enjoy mediation)

Readers love the depth of information in this read. Someone even termed it the “one-stop-shop” for all things meditation. Grab this book if you want a beautifully expounded guide on mastering inner stillness.

Practicing Mindfulness

“The path to mindfulness is not a straight, one-way road. It winds, there are stop signs, and you may find yourself taking a turn you did not expect.” – Matthew Sockolov

Practicing Mindfulness

Seventy-five essential meditations to reduce stress, improve mental health, and find peace in the everyday.

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This five-star meditation book talks about a mindfulness approach, easing anxiety, and maintaining mental well-being through doable practices. Dive into Practicing Mindfulness to see:

  • How to deal with distorted and negative thought patterns
  • Tips to handle mental roadblocks and feel free
  • Meditations designed for specific emotions or situations

According to readers, this meditation book serves as an excellent guide for any person, from therapists to busy moms who might have never thought of mindfulness as possible. It's filled with practical, helpful, valuable information that, with a little work, you can apply to your life.

Your quiet mind awaits

There is always more to learn, no matter where you are on your meditation journey. Meditation is not about reaching an end goal or destination. It’s about the self-healing and self-awareness gained from repeatedly focusing your mind on stillness.

So, which meditation book are you choosing to help you start the journey?