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A simple content subscription to grow your business.


The Highest ROI Growth Channel

When thousands of businesses were asked by Search Engine Journal to report their most effective marketing channel, the winner was clear: Organic Search (aka SEO).

Content marketing is the most effective way to leverage SEO to grow your online business, build brand awareness, and drive customer action.

The problem is finding time to write can feel impossible, especially when managing a million other essential tasks. 

So, what are your options?

  • One-off contractors are affordable but difficult to manage. You'll need to strategize, edit, and manually upload everything they write.
  • Agencies are consistent. They'll create the strategy and articles. But, you'll pay a premium and still have spend time managing production.

Sounds like we need a third option. One that's...

  • As affordable as a freelancer.
  • As reliable as an agency.
  • And simpler than both.

Hire me as your fractional Head of Content

Kind of like a micro-agency, I leverage my expertise, toolkit, and team members to run your content strategy for a fraction of the cost.

Why should you trust me to run your content strategy?

  • I'm certified in SEO, Content Marketing, and Google Analytics.
  • I've held senior roles in the industry from Staff Writer to SEO Analyst.
  • Most importantly, I have a track record of turning words into profits. At the bottom of this page are two case studies that showcase how I think about content.

Keep reading to learn how this service works.

How It Works


First 30 Days

I craft a 12-month content strategy based on your unique business, audience, and goals.

Year 1

Every month, you'll receive 4 articles that I research, write, edit, optimize, upload, and publish.

99% Hands-Off

You, or someone on your team, approve the articles. I take care of everything else.


Can't stay a year? No problem.
You can pause or cancel the service, and return when you're ready.

Essential Growth


Closed to new customers until 06/23.

  • 12-Month Content Strategy
    Customized to fit your exact needs and goals.
  • 4 SEO Articles
    Delivered every month that will drive qualified traffic to your business.
  • Quarterly Reports
    That explain clearly and concisely what is working and why.
  • 99% Hands-Off
    So that you can focus on everything else that needs to get done to keep the business moving forward.
  • No Long-Term Contract
    Or minimum commitments because I understand that control and flexibility are vital for success.
Schedule 30-Min Call

What Happens Next


Initial Call

Short 30-minute video call to ensure we're a good fit.


Purchase the offer and fill out a 7-question form to guide our strategy.

Finalize Strategy

After 10-14 days, we'll review and finalize our plan over a 1-hour call.


I start writing words to move your business forward.

Case Study #1: A 600% traffic increase with only 1 article per week

Case Study #2: Why revenue-driven strategies win in SEO