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Hello, my name is David Ramos, and I'm the founder of

Now, you're likely reading this page to answer two questions:

  1. Does this guy know what he's talking about?
  2. And can I trust him? 

For question #1, I've published north of 3,000,000 words across thousands of content assets over the last 8 years, producing millions of dollars of revenue (a historical ROI of almost 10x).

You're welcome to browse my LinkedIn profile for customary information, like my SEO certifications, advanced degrees, and general marketing experience. 

For question #2, I encourage you to schedule a call using the button below and decide for yourself. I won't show up with a hard sales pitch or premade script.

My only goal is to have an honest conversation where I learn more about you and your business and see if I can genuinely help. 


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